3C Hair Information: Tips on how to Take care of, Keep, and Fashion It

3C Hair Information: Tips on how to Take care of, Keep, and Fashion It

Hair care is a bit more sophisticated than it appears. The way you obtain wholesome hair not solely will depend on what hair merchandise you employ — it additionally will depend on your hair texture.

Totally different hair sorts should be cared for otherwise. The hair typing system classifies hair into sorts by quantity, utilizing three letters (a, b, and c) to explain the subcategories:

  • Sort 1 hair is “straight,” or hair with no curls.
  • Sort 2 hair is “wavy,” or hair with a mushy curl.
  • Sort 3 hair is “curly,” starting from looser curls to springy corkscrew curls.
  • Sort 4 hair is “coily,” with the tightest curls and extra outlined ringlets.

Having a 3c hair kind, a subcategory of hair kind 3, implies that your hair texture has a number of tight coils and strands packed collectively that create quantity. Sort 3 hair usually has curls in an “S” form, and, in 3c hair, they’re normally wound into tight corkscrews or coils that preserve the form even when stretched out.

On this article, we go over what 3c hair is, and offer you some styling and care tricks to take with you in your hair journey.

What Is 3c Hair?

Sort 3, or “curly” hair, can embody quite a lot of hair textures, starting from a lightweight curl to well-defined, tight ringlets. 3c, additionally referred to as “curly-coily,” is the densest of the curly hair kind. Corkscrew curls in 3c hair are typically concerning the width of a pencil or straw, and are tightly packed collectively, creating thick texture and quantity.

Whereas 3c hair experiences essentially the most quantity of the curly hair sorts, it may possibly additionally expertise shrinkage, which is when your pure hair decreases in size from when it’s moist to when it dries. Each hair kind, for essentially the most half, experiences some shrinkage, however the extent will depend on your hair texture and hair porosity. Shrinkage is what helps create the tightly wound curl.

Tips on how to Decide Your Curl Sort

Figuring out your curl kind generally is a little difficult, and it’s frequent for individuals to have a number of sorts. 3c hair particularly has traits of each curly and coily hair.

Listed here are some methods to attempt to determine your curl kind:

  • Analyze your hair when it’s moist. In case your hair is curly, it’s going to look wavy when moist, and shrink by at the least 25% when it’s totally dry.
  • Take into account the form of your curls. Every subtype has its personal attribute curl. Are they free “S” waves or tightly wound coils?
  • Have a look at your hair texture. The extra tightly packed and voluminous your strands are, the extra possible it’s that your hair falls on the finish of the curly vary.

What’s the Distinction Between 3c Hair vs. 3b Hair?

Although each have well-defined curls, the primary distinction between 3b and 3c hair is the circumference of the curl. Whereas 3c curls are small, concerning the width of a pencil, in 3b hair, they’re concerning the width of a everlasting marker. 3b hair has a medium curl, normally a mixture of each extra free and tighter strands.

What’s the Distinction Between 3c Hair vs. 4a Hair?

3c hair and 4a hair each have small, tight curls, however the curls in 3c hair are typically wider. The curls in 4a hair are smaller, and the hair kind, general, is much less dense, with a coarser hair texture, so sustaining it could look a bit completely different.

Tips on how to Take care of 3c Hair

Each hair kind has its personal particular hair care wants. Listed here are some care suggestions for the best way to keep your 3c hair.

Wash Day Routine for 3c Hair

The way you wash your hair can have a stunning affect in your hair well being. Wash day routines will fluctuate from individual to individual, primarily based in your particular hair care wants, however right here’s a basic concept of the best way to wash 3c hair.

1. Begin with Detangling Earlier than Your Bathe

Dry detangling your hair means figuring out some or all tangles or matting earlier than you moist your hair. You are able to do this together with your fingers or a large tooth comb. It’s possible you’ll need to begin detangling earlier than you step into the bathe as a result of wetness and merchandise like shampoo could improve tangles or encourage breakage in already-tangled hair.

Nevertheless, take a look at what works for you. It’s possible you’ll discover that frivolously detangling your hair whereas it’s dry after which moist detangling with a brush after conditioning is one of the best ways to get the tangles out.

Keep in mind to start out on the ends and work in direction of the roots when detangling.

2. Wash and Therapeutic massage Your Scalp with Moisturizing Shampoo

Utilizing moisturizing shampoo in your 3c hair helps to keep away from dehydration.

It’s possible you’ll need to use clarifying shampoo a couple of times a month. It helps wash away the buildup from oils or residue from styling merchandise with out stripping away moisture, serving to restore bounce and shine to your curls.

3. Work Conditioner By Your Hair and Detangle Curls

3c hair is normally low porosity, which means it repels moisture, so it’s extra liable to dryness. Conditioner will help you not solely gently detangle your curls but additionally assist you to hydrate extra intensely and preserve dry hair at bay. Phase your hair into a number of sections and rake the conditioner via together with your fingers. You might also need to use a moist detangling brush right now.

4. Fashion with Particular Merchandise for Your Hair Sort

Discovering the proper merchandise (and utility strategies) on your hair will take trial and error. After washing your hair, strive a hair oil or leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture. Then add a styling cream, hair butter or hair jelly. These merchandise assist with curl definition. For those who’re new to a pure curly routine, your intuition could also be to make use of merchandise sparingly. Nevertheless, you sometimes have to saturate your strands for desired definition and maintain.

5. Use a Warmth-Free Drying Methodology to Dry Hair

Extreme warmth use might be damaging to all kinds of hair, however particularly to a fragile hair kind like 3c. As a substitute, after making use of your merchandise you’ll be able to let your hair air-dry and assist outline your curls with plopping and finger curling. Simply don’t contact your hair an excessive amount of because it’s drying, otherwise you may find yourself frizzy.

Common Care and Upkeep for 3c Hair

Folks with curly hair could have completely different hair care routines, however we’ve highlighted some care suggestions for sustaining your 3c curls between washes.

Decide Your Hair’s Porosity

Realizing your hair porosity is necessary for the way you deal with it. A simple method to decide your hair’s porosity is to take some free strands and drop them right into a glass of water. Low porosity hair floats, whereas excessive porosity hair sinks.

Excessive porosity hair tends to hydrate extra simply and take in extra product than hair with low porosity. Realizing what porosity your hair has will assist you to decide in case you want merchandise like deep conditioners. Typically, 3c hair is low porosity and advantages from conditioning, even between washes.

Chorus From Washing Extra Than One to Three Instances a Week

Washing your hair strips away its pure oils. Whereas it’s essential wash your hair to keep away from dullness and buildup, overwashing can result in dry hair and breakage. Delicate hair like 3c ought to solely be washed a couple of occasions per week at most.

Co-wash Your Hair When Wanted

Co-washing, utilizing conditioner instead of shampoo, can profit 3c hair, particularly in case your hair texture is on the dry or extra delicate aspect. The elements in shampoo are inclined to strip away your pure oils, in the identical approach they take out grime and buildup. Swapping out a few shampoo washes with co-washes will help you cleanse your hair with out stripping it.

Strive a Denman Brush or Large-Toothed Comb to Stop Curl Harm

Not all brushes are created equal. Some encourage breakage in curly hair, whereas others are extra outfitted to softly detangle well-defined curls. A Denman brush is particularly designed for curly hair, serving to to amplify curls, create ringlets, and improve definition. A large-toothed comb is one other good styling software, serving to you tame tangles with out breakage.

Use Hydrating and Curl Defining Hair Merchandise

Styling merchandise designed for curly hair assist carry out one of the best options of your hair texture. Conditioning with deep conditioning merchandise or leave-in conditioners promotes hair hydration, whereas merchandise like mousses will help outline your curls.

Reduce Frizz with Silk Sleep Bonnets

A silk sleep bonnet is a mushy cap you put on earlier than you go to mattress and put on round your hair at night time. By masking your hair as you sleep, it helps defend it from getting frizzy or broken, which might occur as you toss and switch. It additionally retains your curl form extra intact.

Refresh Your Curls Between Wash Days

To refresh your curls between wash days, you should utilize styling merchandise like curl refreshers.ry a volumizing foam product and finger-curling to assist your curls regain their bounce. Some leave-in merchandise that you just utilized throughout wash day might be reactivated by frivolously misting your curls with heat water, with out the necessity for a full wash.

Finest Hairstyles for 3c Hair

Styling your hair is as necessary for hair well being as the way you wash and keep it. Listed here are some hairstyles for 3c hair that not solely assist defend and care on your hair but additionally assist carry out its pure magnificence.

Glossy and Curly Ponytail

The distinction of smooth, slicked down hair with the feel of your pure curls highlights the quantity and definition of your pure hair texture. Use hair gel to slick your hair all the way down to your scalp and mousse and multi-benefit spray to tame and outline your curls.

Easy Accent Accents

From headbands to clips to bandanas, hair equipment are a enjoyable method to specific your self, and  a simple method to improve your look in a flash. Deal with your strands with curl-defining cream, and cargo up in your favourite equipment.

Double Puffs

Double puffs usually are not solely tremendous cute, however they’re additionally an ideal protecting fashion. You may make the fundamental puff by smoothing again the edges of your hair with gel. Then, tightly wrap an extended hair tie round your hair. To realize the double puff look, part your hair into two elements alongside your pure half and do that with either side.

Brief and Curly

Curly hair is gorgeous at any size. For those who’re coping with hair harm and wish a refresher, or simply need to change your fashion, slicing your hair into a brief bob is the best way to go. Shorter hair is much less weighed down by density, which means your curls may get a bit of extra bounce.

What Hair Merchandise Ought to You Use On 3c Hair?

In a market stuffed with hair merchandise, it’s difficult to determine what’s proper on your hair. However one of the best hair care product choices are made primarily based on three elements: porosity, elasticity, and curl variance. Realizing the place your hair falls in these three points will assist decide what merchandise really fit your hair wants.

Sulfate-Free Shampoos

Sulfate-free shampoos are particularly necessary for 3c hair as a result of it’s so delicate and liable to dryness. Sulfates are the elements in shampoos that strip your hair of its pure oils. Sulfate-free shampoos present a wash with out overdrying.

Clarifying Shampoos

Clarifying shampoos go an additional step above common shampoos. They clear extra deeply, eliminating buildup from each pure oils and product residue, serving to to stability out all of the conditioning merchandise 3c hair wants.

Some individuals swear by apple cider vinegar as a pure clarifying rinse for curly hair. Both approach, you need to make clear your hair about as soon as a month.

Protein Therapies

Protein-based hair therapies can promote energy in delicate or broken hair. They work by penetrating the hair shaft, serving to to reconnect protein chains inside every strand. They’re typically mixed with deep-conditioning therapies to replenish the vitamins and moisture that curly hair is very liable to shedding.

Hydrating Conditioners and Lotions

Hydration is vital to wholesome 3c hair. Deep conditioning, leave-in conditioners, hair butters, and lotions, containing elements like shea butter and aloe vera, assist change and lock in moisture, whereas additionally making hair simpler to detangle. The drier or extra liable to tangling your curls are, the heavier the conditioner you’ll want.

Scalp Therapies and Hair Oils

Hair oils, like jojoba and castor oil, assist lock in moisture between washes or conditioning classes. Utilizing these lighter-weight oils will help forestall the oily build-up that generally occurs with low porosity hair. You should utilize these after your leave-in conditioner following a wash, or in between washes on days when your hair wants some added moisture and shine.

Curl Defining Styling Lotions and Sprays

Curl-defining styling merchandise carry out curl definition, conserving your curls vigorous, bouncy, and glossy. They will help scale back frizz with out sacrificing your pure hair texture and physique. These are nice for styling after a wash, or between washes if you want a bit of bounce.

Do’s and Don’ts for Curly Hair Sorts

If all that info is overwhelming, don’t fear — let’s boil it all the way down to some key takeaways. Listed here are essentially the most important care suggestions for the best way to deal with your curly hair.

Do: Defend Your Curls at Night time

Defending your curls at night time with a protecting fashion like a bun, or a silk bonnet, pillowcase, or scarf, can scale back breakage and harm. It additionally helps you keep kinds longer by defending your hair from frizz that may occur if you toss and switch or simply rub up in opposition to the pillow. Swapping out your pillowcases for silk ones can even assist, however masking your hair with a bonnet or cap is one of the best ways to make sure your curl definition is protected.

Do: Take into account the LOC Methodology for Moisture

The LOC technique is a confirmed hydration approach for curly hair. It includes layering moisturizers, by making use of:

  • Liquid to hydrate hair
  • Oil to lock in moisture
  • Cream to forestall moisture loss

Whereas the kinds and quantities of merchandise you employ can fluctuate primarily based in your private hair wants and hair texture considerations like dryness and hair porosity, this technique will help be certain your hair stays totally hydrated.

Do: Take into account Utilizing Perm Rods to Improve Your Curls

Instruments like perm rods or twist-out kinds can improve curl definition. For a extra DIY technique of selling your curl definition, strive finger curling with a styling product after your subsequent wash.

Don’t: Contact Your Hair Always

Whereas utilizing your arms or fingers in styling might be generally useful, there’s such a factor as touching your curly hair an excessive amount of. Taking part in with curls too typically can have an effect on your general hair well being by inflicting frizz, breakage, and making it harder to take care of your coiffure.

Don’t: Use the Fallacious Merchandise for Your Hair Texture

The hair merchandise you employ actually do matter. One of the best merchandise on your hair texture are additionally going to be one of the best on your hair well being. When searching for hair merchandise, preserve your hair porosity, elasticity, and curl variance in thoughts.


For those who’re struggling to take care of your 3c hair, these hair care suggestions will help get again to wholesome, bouncy, shiny curls very quickly! In order for you extra private recommendation or need to change up your fashion, StyleSeat has you lined. Use our search software to discover and ebook a stylist close to you.